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Pressed For Time - EP

by Frank Hurd

By Your Side 03:33
August Moon 04:26


released September 12, 2012

1) TIME FLIES LIKE AN ARROW (produced by Frank Hurd, Clay Stevenson)
Frank Hurd: vocals, organ, strings
Stephen Futrell: *brass composer, trumpets
Matthew Buckmaster: trombone
Ben Soldate: bass guitar
Jake Valente: drums
Michael Lobacz: acoustic guitar
Clay Stevenson: organ, strings

2) SOMETHING ABOUT YOU (produced by Frank Hurd, Jacob Danieley)
Frank Hurd: vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, ukelele, organ
Michael Lobacz: electric guitars
Jacob Danieley: acoustic rhythm guitar
Jake Valente: drums
Todd Coleman: bass guitar

3) THE SEASONS STILL CHANGE (produced by Michael Lobacz, Frank Hurd)
Frank Hurd: vocals, organ, piano, auxiliary percussion, strings
Michael Lobacz: electric guitars, slide guitar, bass guitar, organ
Jake Valente: Drums

4) BY YOUR SIDE (produced by Frank Hurd)
Frank Hurd: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, organ, strings, glockenspiel
Todd Coleman: bass guitar
John Mullen: drums

5) AUGUST MOON (produced by Frank Hurd)
Frank Hurd: vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, organ, auxiliary percussion
Todd Coleman: bass guitar
Jake Valente: drums
Michael Lobacz: electric guitar

6) I REMEMBER LOVE (produced by Jacob Danieley, Frank Hurd)
Frank Hurd: vocals, organ
Jacob Danieley: piano
Todd Coleman: bass guitar
Jake Valente: drums
Michael Lobacz: electric guitar

7) PRESSED FOR TIME [Bonus Track] (produced by Frank Hurd)
Frank Hurd: vocals, acoustic guitars, auxiliary percussion
Brandon Coffey: drums
Ben Soldate/Michael Lobacz: bass guitar

All songs written by Frank Hurd (BMI) (c) 2012 Frank Hurd

TRACK 1 mixed by Clay Stevenson (www.claystevenson.com)
TRACK 2 mixed by The Stu (www.readysetrecord.net)
TRACKS 3-7 mixed by Ben Soldate

TRACKS 1-6 chief engineer: Ben Soldate
TRACK 7 engineers: Frank Hurd, Brandon Coffey

Cover design by Frank Hurd

Thank you to everyone who helped make this album a reality: Michael Lobacz, Ben Soldate, Jacob Danieley, Jake Valente, Todd Coleman, Clay Stevenson, Stephen Futrell, Matthew Buckmaster, Brandon Coffey, John Mullen, Bobby Watts, Andrew Hopun, Emily Phillips, Brooke Jenkins, CCG, & GRBC. Thank you to my loving, supportive family and my wonderful, caring friends. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far and to those who continue to encourage and inspire me. I'm still humbled to know that there are people out there who would actually call themselves my "fans." I hope you enjoy these songs and I hope you'll join me as I continue to grow as a songwriter and musician. Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for the gift of music. This EP would not have been possible apart from His grace. All glory to Him.


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Frank Hurd Nashville, Tennessee

Frank Hurd is a Rhode Island native currently based in Nashville, TN. He's a songwriter, performer, and member of the Frank Hurd Band, which regularly produces, records, and releases new music. FHB also consists of Michael Lobacz (guitar/bass), Jake Valente (drums), and Eric Valente (guitar/bass). ... more

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